Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′ Air Hockey Table Review

Are you looking for a fun way to spend some time indoors? The Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table is a worthy consideration for hockey lovers. This air hockey table is designed for thrill and excitement. Compared to other air hockey tables (other air hockey tables here in the market, this one stands out due to the wide variety of fun features on it. It is therefore advisable that you understand all its features before settling for a particular one.

Features of the Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table

All You Need To Know About Air Hockey

1. Durable

Weighing 230 pounds, this table is relatively heavy. Although this makes it difficult to move around for one person, it makes it a pretty sturdy table if you look at it on a brighter side. The fact that it is sturdy and durable makes it a durable table. It can handle a lot of wear and tear hence lasting for an extended period of time. The players can lean on it all they want and apply as much pressure as possible while swiping the pucks without worry about the table falling apart.

2. PVC Laminated Playfield

This Air Hockey table is an ideal choice for people who enjoy fast-paced games. The fact that the playing field is PVC laminated makes the surface smooth and even which allows the puck to glide fast and easily. The faster the movement of the puck from one player to another, the more Adrenalin is produced. Before you know it, you will all be in too deep with fun and excitement to quit. This factor makes this game exciting for both the young and adults.

3. Powerful Motor

The top shelf air hockey table is designed with a 12oV motor which provides a powerful and steady airflow. Rest assured that this powerful motor will keep you engages and demand a fast hand in receiving and serving the puck to your opponent. This further aids the pucks to flow from one side to the other. It is true to say that this adds on to the thrilling effect that's brought about by the smooth laminated playing field.

4. LED Technology

You would be impressed to learn that this air hockey table features a LED Lumen-X technology. These LED lights run all around the edges of the table. These emit a cool blend of red, blue and green color effects which only make the game more fun and engaging. The lights change to a different color whenever someone makes a score which rewards the winner and motivates the other player. Switch off the lights when using this feature and use the LED puck to keep track of it.

5. Multi-challenges

A fun fact about the Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table is that you can make it more challenging than it would be playing in the light. Playing the game in the dark with only the LEDs on forces you to pay more attention to the game. This way, the players remain engaged hence increasing the Adrenalin levels. The LED puck has a hexagon shape which makes it harder to hit the puck especially so in the dark. This table comes with fast music which when activated, increases the Adrenalin levels.

6. Unique Design

This air hockey table features a chunky design that is ideal for a man cave. lts wide feet makes it stable and enables it to endure constant use. You and the guys that invest all your muscle into it without worrying about breaking it or shortening its shelf life. With its unique design, it well stands out from the crowd.


(a) Can be used in the dark for more thrill

(b) Sturdy legs for support and stability

(c) Smooth playing field

(d) Powerful motor

(e) Flashing lights

(f) Fast music for Adrenalin rush


(a) Difficult to move around hence may require an extra set of hands

(b) Takes a lot of time to assemble.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can the Music be switched off?
Yes. You can switch the music on and off as you please. Do it at the control center
Q. Can I take the table apart and carry it myself part by part?
The legs of the table are detachable and are portable. However, it is the top part of the table that's too heavy for one person to carry. When the legs are detached, you can carry use the help of an extra person to carry it.

Q. How many pucks does the table come with and what are their sizes?
This air hockey table comes with three pucks measuring 3 inches in diameter. These come in different shapes and shapes. There is a red one, a clear one with the LED lights and a hexagon one. These use batteries. However, the paddles come in red and blue color. These are rechargeable. With the LED lights on the side, these are pretty cool.

Q. Will this table scratch the floors? I don't want to get in trouble with the landlord.
The bright side of this table being heavy is the fact that it stays in one place without moving around. You can lean on it all you want but it won't move around. It is therefore advisable to choose a strategic place for it before bringing it in. Once it is stationed in its rightful place, it will be impossible to move it around especially if you are alone.

Final Verdict

The Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table is a fun way of bringing the indoors in without sacrificing the thrill that comes with it. It a worthy investment for people who prefer Adrenalin rushing games. The fact that it incorporates fun features which are all geared towards instilling the thrill and excitement that comes with it makes it a worthy purchase. The LED and fast music features are an incredible yet unique addition to this air hockey table. The flexibility that comes with choosing the kind of features to use makes this game versatile and can be used by users with varying preferences.

Sandra Gonzalez

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