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Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′ Air Hockey Table Review

Are you looking for a fun way to spend some time indoors? The Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table is a worthy consideration for hockey lovers. This air hockey table is designed for thrill and excitement. Compared to other air hockey tables (other air hockey tables here in the market, this one stands out due to the wide variety of fun features on it. It is therefore advisable that you understand all its features before settling for a particular one.

Features of the Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table

All You Need To Know About Air Hockey

1. Durable

Weighing 230 pounds, this table is relatively heavy. Although this makes it difficult to move around for one person, it makes it a pretty sturdy table if you look at it on a brighter side. The fact that it is sturdy and durable makes it a durable table. It can handle a lot of wear and tear hence lasting for an extended period of time. The players can lean on it all they want and apply as much pressure as possible while swiping the pucks without worry about the table falling apart.

2. PVC Laminated Playfield

This Air Hockey table is an ideal choice for people who enjoy fast-paced games. The fact that the playing field is PVC laminated makes the surface smooth and even which allows the puck to glide fast and easily. The faster the movement of the puck from one player to another, the more Adrenalin is produced. Before you know it, you will all be in too deep with fun and excitement to quit. This factor makes this game exciting for both the young and adults.

3. Powerful Motor

The top shelf air hockey table is designed with a 12oV motor which provides a powerful and steady airflow. Rest assured that this powerful motor will keep you engages and demand a fast hand in receiving and serving the puck to your opponent. This further aids the pucks to flow from one side to the other. It is true to say that this adds on to the thrilling effect that's brought about by the smooth laminated playing field.

4. LED Technology

You would be impressed to learn that this air hockey table features a LED Lumen-X technology. These LED lights run all around the edges of the table. These emit a cool blend of red, blue and green color effects which only make the game more fun and engaging. The lights change to a different color whenever someone makes a score which rewards the winner and motivates the other player. Switch off the lights when using this feature and use the LED puck to keep track of it.

5. Multi-challenges

A fun fact about the Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table is that you can make it more challenging than it would be playing in the light. Playing the game in the dark with only the LEDs on forces you to pay more attention to the game. This way, the players remain engaged hence increasing the Adrenalin levels. The LED puck has a hexagon shape which makes it harder to hit the puck especially so in the dark. This table comes with fast music which when activated, increases the Adrenalin levels.

6. Unique Design

This air hockey table features a chunky design that is ideal for a man cave. lts wide feet makes it stable and enables it to endure constant use. You and the guys that invest all your muscle into it without worrying about breaking it or shortening its shelf life. With its unique design, it well stands out from the crowd.


(a) Can be used in the dark for more thrill

(b) Sturdy legs for support and stability

(c) Smooth playing field

(d) Powerful motor

(e) Flashing lights

(f) Fast music for Adrenalin rush


(a) Difficult to move around hence may require an extra set of hands

(b) Takes a lot of time to assemble.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can the Music be switched off?
Yes. You can switch the music on and off as you please. Do it at the control center
Q. Can I take the table apart and carry it myself part by part?
The legs of the table are detachable and are portable. However, it is the top part of the table that's too heavy for one person to carry. When the legs are detached, you can carry use the help of an extra person to carry it.

Q. How many pucks does the table come with and what are their sizes?
This air hockey table comes with three pucks measuring 3 inches in diameter. These come in different shapes and shapes. There is a red one, a clear one with the LED lights and a hexagon one. These use batteries. However, the paddles come in red and blue color. These are rechargeable. With the LED lights on the side, these are pretty cool.

Q. Will this table scratch the floors? I don't want to get in trouble with the landlord.
The bright side of this table being heavy is the fact that it stays in one place without moving around. You can lean on it all you want but it won't move around. It is therefore advisable to choose a strategic place for it before bringing it in. Once it is stationed in its rightful place, it will be impossible to move it around especially if you are alone.

Final Verdict

The Atomic Top Shelf 7.5' Air Hockey Table is a fun way of bringing the indoors in without sacrificing the thrill that comes with it. It a worthy investment for people who prefer Adrenalin rushing games. The fact that it incorporates fun features which are all geared towards instilling the thrill and excitement that comes with it makes it a worthy purchase. The LED and fast music features are an incredible yet unique addition to this air hockey table. The flexibility that comes with choosing the kind of features to use makes this game versatile and can be used by users with varying preferences.

Understanding; Your Introverted Daughter – Parenting Tips

Reading people is tough. As long as you're not psychic, it's not easy to know what someone else is thinking, planning or reasons why the person has reacted in a certain way. Understanding the type of person your subject is, makes it easy for you to read them.

Extroverts are energetic and pretty much open books. Understanding an extrovert is not as hard. This is because extroverts speak their mind and their plans probably all the time and may do it to just about anyone. The best way to read learn someone is by listening to what they are saying. An extrovert is chatty, therefore in five minutes of meeting them, you'll have an idea or two about their character and likes.

Introverts, however, are a hard nut to crack and sometimes you may end up not cracking at all. In the society today, introverts are highly judged and misunderstood. This gets worse when it narrows down to a family setting.

It's a fact that introverts are rare. In a family of five, you may have one or no introvert. Being an extroverted parent becomes more challenging to understand your introverted baby. This is because you and your child are literally polar ends. You may like the same thing but for different reasons. You may want to make a point but it'll be done in different ways.

Here are a few tips on how the introvert mind works and how to avoid collision with your introverted daughter. First and foremost, being your daughter doesn't mean you obviously know her inside-out. You cannot understand her if you don't know her. Introverts are not obvious so don't think that she obviously did this because of that. No. Her mind doesn't work like yours. If you haven't strained enough to get a headache just to know her, then you don't know her.

Introverts are like a world's wonder. They are unique, they are weird - honestly - and that is their beauty. So stop assuming you know her and start getting to know her.

Introverts have their silence as their greatest weapon. They love the silence and solitude is their peace. That is what 'fun' is to them. Trying to get in their personal space will bother them and make them retreat. Here is one something you should never say to your introverted daughter.

Why are you ever silent? No one knows your plans or likes. Can you just speak up and say what's on your mind".

Wrong move. If you thought what you were getting is silence, wait and see what comes days after that statement.

It's not a lie that understanding an introvert deserves an award. Most things in life are taken lightly, don't let this be one of them. Introverts talk less and also act less. As a parent, you will need to take note of every word that comes out of your daughter's mouth or any action she'll do when you're present. These will give you clues on what your daughter likes and what she doesn't. This may be hectic for you as an extrovert since you prefer things straight to the point.

You can also be direct with her but carefully and wisely. Instead of asking her to tell you what she likes, try picking one thing and ask her if she likes it. That way you get to teach her easily without making her feel odd. Don't be judgmental. When she locks herself in her room the whole day, don't go banging the door. Don't tell her she is boring or force her to make friends. Make her feel like it's okay. You can carefully offer to take her out but if she says no, don't insist. Ask her another day and you'll soon get a 'yes' to your invitation.

When you take her out, take her to a quiet place that is just cool and not so open. Avoid crowds and loud places with music. That will drain her. The main aim here is to spend time with her and have her enjoy. introverts are not always silent. When they are in a good environment and are engaged in a chat – with someone close - they will open up and reveal themselves. This may be for a few minutes or an hour before they withdraw, but it's worth it.

To get her to talk, you can also try telling her something personal about yourself. This will help her see that you trust her with a secret so higher chances are - but not guaranteed - that she will also share something with you to return the favor.

You can also start a story on something you noticed she enjoyed. Whether food, a movie, an episode in her life and others. This will get her talking and laughing and soon telling you more, if you're lucky. If you take her to a loud environment, your stories will be noise to her ears.

When she makes a mistake, don't shout and don't talk like you know why she did what she did. Well, unless you want to be her least favorite person. This doesn't mean you stop being a parent, either. Yes, let her know what she did was wrong. But first, find out if she knows what she did was wrong. Also, find out why she did it, maybe her reasons will be worth forgiving the mistake.

An introvert's greatest enemy is he who thinks they know them when they really don't. This makes the introvert feel like an outsider. Punish her if she does wrong but first understand why she did it. This is how you should treat any child, anyway.

Most kids growing up may not understand themselves. This can make them feel like they are odd or have a defect. So as a parent, it's your duty to help your child know who she is. Let your child know s/he's an introvert, s/he is different and it's okay. This will help him/her understand him/herself and also appreciate his/her uniqueness. Being an introvert isn't a defect. Most of the world's geniuses, like Einstein, are introverts so watch out, for that child you misunderstand, may just be the next Bill Gates. reference: Babygears Pro

What is an Air Hockey Table & How Does It Work?

Air hockey is a table game played by two players at the opposite ends of the table. Each player stands behind the end rail in defense of his or her goal box. Using one hand to hold the mallet, each player has to strike the plastic puck to prevent it from getting into the goal box as well as trying to score the opponent. Though it looks quite simple, you would have to employ your full concentration or risk getting knocked out. Perhaps you are now wondering how a plastic puck could move so swiftly just from a hit of a mallet.

This is entirely attributed to the design of the table. The table is made in such a way to reduce the external friction. This is achieved with the aid of air blown through numerous tiny holes on the table. Hence, the puck will be slightly afloat when kicked from one side giving it the immense speed.

A brief history of air hockey

Just like any other common sports game, air hockey has a rich history. As you can guess, it has some relations with ice hockey. This is true in the sense that its origin is linked to an ice hockey fan, Bob Lemieux. Bob aided in the design of the first air hockey table after a trio of Brunswick engineers came up with an idea of creating a table game with a frictionless surface. The project had stagnated for some years and was on the verge of failing when Bob Lemieux came to the rescue. He came up with an idea of creating an abstracted version of ice hockey. This was way back in 1972 when the first successful design was implemented. It is, however, important to note that the air table had before been patented, but for other purposes other than the game.

Later on, when the company realized that the game might appeal to the general public, several tables were manufactured and sold to the general public. This way, the game began to spread; nobody knew that one day the game would attract world wide players. In the mid-197os, the game had already covered distances and found its way to the major tournaments. In fact, as early as 1973, the Houston Air Hockey Association had already been formed. Thereafter, the number of players in Texas was growing significantly and led to the formation of the Texas Air Hockey Players Association.

With these expansions, the rules of the game were gradually defined and codified. Local tournaments transpired and in 1975, United States Air-Table Hockey Association was formed by Philip Arnold. This acted as an official sanctioning body which ensured uniform playing standards so as to attain the highest competitive quality. The previous rules that had been imposed by the Brunswick company were ruled out and new rules, majorly developed by players were put in place. Another association, AHPA (Air Hockey Players Association) was also formed in 2015. Though the two act independently, they both abide by the preset rules and regulations.

How to play

As mentioned before, the two players take their positions at the back of the end rails. Each player has two targets. First, guard your goal box and secondly, be the first to score the first seven goals. As the game begins, the one who reserves the first service has to be identified by tossing a uniform coin. The winner chooses the side to begin. Once this is done, the game begins with a hand serve. The game is on until a goal is scored or when the referee calls it off. The player who has been scored reserve the right to serve the puck for the next service.

Goals can be scored with different offensive shots. These shots can be performed in a variety of ways. It can be straight, banked, angled or even double-banked and more. The bank can be done with the aid of the side rails. This is normally done by positioning your mallet at about 8 to 14 inches from your goal box. The puck is hit in such a way that it knocks the side rail and enters the goal at a right angle. The game proceeds until any of the players score the first seven points. Each point is awarded per goal scored. He or she wins the match.

Air Hockey Table

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Rules of the game

Like any other game, there are several rules that guide the way the game is played and conducted. These rules are to be followed by any standard air hockey game. They include:

1. The First to attain seven points is the winner.

2. After every game, players have to alternate sides.

3. The player scored reserves the rights for the next serve.

4. Unless the referee had already suspended the game or that the scoring play had committed a foul, each score amounts to one point.

5. Only one mallet should be used on the playing surface. Violation leads to a foul.

6. A player can only hand serve if the puck has entered his or her goal box.

7. You can strike the puck with any part of the mallet.

8. Only a single puck should be in play for every given moment of the game.

9. A player has only seven seconds to make a shot as soon as the puck crosses the center line. This happens immediately the puck crosses the center line. A foul is given if the violation is made.

10. If the puck rests on the center line, any player can strike.

11. From the center line, a player may stand on any side of the table.

12. The puck should not touch any part of the player's body, arm, clothe or any other part as it will amount to palming" which is a foul.

13. A player may take a single time out per game which should not exceed 10 seconds.

14. The player will only take the time out if he is in the possession of the puck or when not in play.

15. When a goal is scored, the player has only 10 seconds to remove the puck from the goal box and set it in play. This rule is suspended during a timeout.

How is Air Hockey table designed?

What makes the air hockey table outstanding is its playing surface. It is designed and built with an immensely smooth surface having numerous tiny perforations. Below the surface, a fan is fitted. This fan blows upwards forcing air through the tiny openings on the surface. The air jets create an air cushion below the puck keeping it slightly afloat during the game. This reduces friction that would interfere with the movement of the puck, thus making the table an efficient surface for playing air hockey.

An Air Hockey Table is an Exciting Addition to Your Game Room

Air hockey is a game that is considered as a complete source of entertainment for family members and friends that can be played during any season. The game of air hockey is a competitive and aggressive sport that is very popular with children and adults alike. The game was originally designed to create a surface that had no friction. It is played by two people against each other and is usually similar to a pool table when viewed from a distance, but the playing surface is different. Its surface is extremely smooth made of thousands of perforated tiny air holes.

Buying Your Own Air Hockey Table

Buying a hockey table for your home is not as complicated and as difficult as it may have been several years back. But picking out the perfect table might be somewhat confusing because there are so many variants to choose from.

For instance, air hockey tables come in a whole range of sizes and dimensions. When buying an air hockey, you only have to measure the space where you intend to put the table and then pick out the one that would fit the area perfectly. With many different sizes to choose from, you will easily find the right table for your home or business establishment. Also, ensure to get all the other necessary accessories for the game with it. Commercially available tables also come in a spectrum of colors and designs. Some are flashy and modern while others are old school and traditional. It all depends really on a person's taste and the design of a person's house. For instance, a table with a sleek ergonomic design would fit perfectly in a house with modern architecture while a vintage table would look spectacular when it is placed together with antique furniture.

An Air Hockey Table is an Exciting Addition to Your Game Room

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Some tables are fancier than others. Of course, these cost a lot more than the basic and simpler ones. These rare variants have special features like overhead electronic scoring, table lights, black light and internal puck drop systems. They are more beautiful and very impressive. If you are working on a tighter budget, then you should just do away with the extra features and forget them for now and go for the basic variety instead. After all, you can always buy accessories and install additional features later. There are also many accessories available for dressing up tables which are a great way of putting a personal touch to it.

Another approach to choosing your choice of hockey table is deciding on the users of the table. For example, if you want to buy a table meant for kids, a single spec 5ft or 6ft air hockey table will be considerable. However, if you want to purchase a table which is intended to be used by teenagers or a youth club environment, you should consider buying a stronger model. You should have a look at tables that have centrifugal fans to push up the air flow, have a larger puck size and are 6ft to 8ft in size.

One thing that you should never scrimp on is the air blower mechanism. Different varieties also come with different kinds of air blowers. The air blower is essentially responsible for the air that allows the puck to glide along the surface of the table. The best air blower is that which is commercial-grade, and this is what you should invest on. Getting an inferior type will cause the puck to have difficulty in gliding. While it may cost you a bit more, you will never go wrong with this choice.

Be sure to check if your table features machinery produces air cushions on the surface, which helps reduce friction as well as increase your play speed. Mini Table Dust Vacuum Cleaner for Home&Office! Perfect at home/office for cleaning dust, bread crumbs, paper scrap, cigarette ash for the sofa or the car seat.

Air hockey is a sanctioned game, and you might be tempted to try out for tournaments. Keep in mind that the only units allowed in such tournaments are 8 feet in size. To qualify for such a tournament you should train using one, so consider the size when making the purchase. Multiple brands are allowed in tournaments, so you do not need to concern yourself with that aspect.

Maintaining Your Air Hockey Table

After purchasing your unit, be sure to maintain it properly. To keep a hockey table in good condition, you should ensure to keep the playing surface clean. Dirt or spills may cause holes on the table making it clogged hence the flow of air will be reduced. In such cases, the puck will no longer be able to float across the surface of the table making it hard to play.

It is best to use propyl alcohol to clean it, preferably by spraying it on the surface; afterward, use paper towels to wipe your table clean. Dry it off quickly to ensure that alcohol does not get soaked up in the table's surface. Also, never wash the inside of the rails since it is what keeps the pucks in place; a clean unit will often interrupt your game by having the pucks fly off.

Once in a while, it can be reasonable to use a pin or cocktail stick depending on the size of the holes on your play surface to remove any dirt that has collected on the surface. Finally, you should also ensure to check on the bolts that hold you air hockey table. It is recommended that you make sure all the bolts holding the table together are regularly tightened to make sure the table is stable for a lively play.

Buying an air hockey table should be one of the easiest decisions to make. If you don't have the slightest idea on where to buy one, the internet is always a good place to start looking. Many online companies sell air hockey tables and offer competitive prices. Make it a point to compare the different features and determine which company offers the best price including shipping charges. If you don't mind getting a used table, you may also check out online listings for those who have tables that need new homes or want to sell their hockey tables for cash.

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High-Quality Affordable Luggage Can Be Easy to Find

When you travel, you need to be able to carry all your stuff with you. That's where luggage comes in. There are all kinds of luggage out there. But you want to buy high-quality luggage. There are a lot of reasons for that. The main one is that the better the quality, the longer your luggage will last, and the more value you get for your money.

But, it can be hard to figure out what luggage to get. After all, with all the different kinds it can be confusing. You might think that you are going to get high-quality luggage if you buy the high price luggage, but that isn't always true. Sometimes you can get quality luggage at a good price.

They will stand up too much more wear and tear than the soft-shell suitcases can. However, they are also going to be a little heavier. You might want to find one that is on wheels because it will be easier to get it around. If you choose to get one on wheels, check to see how well the wheels roll and how they are fastened to the case. Wheels and handles are weak points and often fail before the case will. A sign of quality luggage is how well those things are connected to the main body of the case. Scooter luggage designed to help high flyers move effortlessly through airports

If you aren't going to travel a lot, then you might want to consider one of the soft side cases. They can be easier to store. And since they won't get as much use, they will still last for a while. When you are looking for high-quality luggage that has a soft side option, you should also check the wheels and handles. You should also check zippers and fasteners to see how well they are installed. Metal zippers will last longer, but not all luggage lines carry them.

Another thing you should look for when you are looking for high-quality luggage is how it looks. While style isn't going to determine how well it works or how long it will last, but it will make you happy. You don't want to have unattractive luggage; you want to have something that represents you.

Getting quality luggage is important. You want to have something that will last a long time and give you good value. But you don’t want to forget style.

Premium Quality Luggage Can Be Bought at Wholesale Prices

The days when most people bought luggage just for the utility are over. Currently, consumers have the ability to buy the luggage they want for both form and functionality. Business people may purchase luggage that presents a statement of luxury to anyone they have to deal with on a business basis.

That person expects that the individuals who scrutinize his or her choice will recognize their judgment and eye for quality, and hold the products put out by their company in the same respect. To help keep costs down while still making a bold statement, consumers now have a chance to purchase luggage at wholesale prices.

Business professionals are not the only people buying great looking luggage, as everyday travelers now are doing the same. A lot of people feel that they must project a look of confidence with the type of products they use. It's because it's widely known that others will judge and treat others based on the things they buy and choose to use.

But not everyone can afford high-end luggage at high retail prices. Any person who wants to save money should consider looking to purchasing from a wholesaler. Wholesalers supply low prices on suitcases that satisfy the quality of any other retail suitcases. The absolute best can do this by nearly matching brand items in some ways. A pretty good choice to make cruiser bikes luggage out of then. It also gives Carradice bags an idiosyncratic retro-look which you either like or you don't.


Although many people feel that you always get what you pay for, most of what you pay for is the reputation of a branded piece of luggage. But while wholesale luggage is very inexpensive, it can also be of high quality. If a client feels they can do without a designer label, they can get a fantastic unbranded purse for much less.


Present-day luggage fits in well with numerous fashion styles. Superb styles from the past are not appropriate for current use and can be judged negatively by discerning eyes. Through the power of wholesale, clients will have the ability to keep up with today's fashions. It is easy for customers to look around for styles they like in an expensive store, and then simply get it for less money from a wholesaler.


All of us have their favorite style on anything they purchase, and this holds true for luggage. Wholesalers can provide hundreds or even thousands of different sorts of luggage to fit anyone's taste. The more often a client is shown a new choice particularly suited for them, the more often they will purchase.


Although some people choose to purchase anything that fits the status quo, there are a lot of discerning buyers who want to stand out and purchase things that the masses don't have. Thankfully, wholesale luggage can still meet the requirements for designs that are new for every occasion.

In today's market, there is no need for anyone to settle for unattractive luggage, irrespective of his or her budget. Consumers will have the ability to buy luggage sets in different sizes, as well as other accessories like backpacks or even bags for laptops. They also include garment bags, duffle bags, and cosmetic cases.

They may even include things like lunch boxes, pet carriers, tote bags, and wine bags. Luggage bought at wholesale prices means that buyers can pay for more of what they need, rather than only the minimum amount of basics to get by with. Wholesale luggage will be able to project the look that buyers want, and also make the buyers feel confident about their purchases.

How to Plan Your Home Improvement Project

Home improvement can be a stressful and time consuming task but it will be a smooth affair if you plan it properly. Proper planning will help you complete the project on time and within the budget. Following are some important home improvement tips that will help you plan everything properly. First, we tightened 38-inch and ¾-inch nuts with a torque wrench. Then we gathered seven cordless impact wrenches and removed the nuts.

How to Plan Your Home Improvement Project

Prepare the Plan

This is the first thing you have to do when you are planning any type of home improvement, renovation or remodeling work. What do you ultimately want to achieve at the end of the project? You should have a clear answer to this question. Home renovation contractor relies on your instructions and checklist- They will offer only what you need. It is a good idea to write down everything you want in your project. Whether it is a small single project or complete home renovation, write down all aspects of the project in detail.

Decide the Budget

You may want best of everything but you have to keep it all within your budget. Decide how much money you are ready to spend on your project. Remember, most such projects overshoot the budget because it is not possible to predict how the project will progress. Depending on the type of project and total expected cost, keep a small amount aside for additional expenses.

It is a good idea to consult a home remodeling contractor while planning the budget. You will receive expert opinion, professional guidance and proper estimate. It will help you determine the budget for the renovation project.

Hire the Right Contractor

The success of your home improvement project depends completely on the contractor you hire. If it is a small project, you can hire even a handyman. However, if it is a large project, you should interview at least two three specialist contractors before finalizing the one who is most suitable for your project. 

Always deal with a licensed and insured contractor. It ensures you receive professional services. If the contractor fails to provide services as promised, you can complain to the relevant government departments that regulate contractors.

If the contractor's technician or worker damages any part of your property, you will be compensated by the contractor's insurance provider. Do not be shy of demanding to see proof of business license and trade specific insurance coverage. Check workmanship warranty details provided by the contractor. Read the fine print before signing on the agreement document.

Plan the Renovation Timeline

You cannot just start your home improvement project anytime you want unless it is a very small project. You have to ensure someone is present to oversee the work being done by the contractor. You have to be especially careful if it is a large project that will be completed over several days or weeks. You will not want to carry out renovation works when an important visitor is visiting your home or when you cannot take leave from your work.

There can be other reasons to avoid renovation during a certain period of time. Most contractors are busy during certain times of the year. You may be charged higher during seasons when home improvement contractors see more demand for their services. Take into account all these issues when planning the timeline for your home renovation project.

DIY or Contractor

You may not necessarily need a contractor to handle your house improvement project- Such a project that involves only basic cleaning and maintenance can be handled by yourself, provided you have time, energy and inclination to do so. 

At the same time, even when you are planning such a project on your own, you have to prepare a checklist to ensure everything goes according to the plan. Even if it is a DIY project, you may still have to hire a professional contractor for a particular work that you cannot do yourself. It could be due to lack of skills, knowledge, tools and equipment. It may be a very large project that is difficult to handle on your own.

Decide beforehand if you can handle everything on your own or you want to hire a professional contractor to complete a part or whole of the project. Avoid doing things that can go wrong due to your inexperience. There is no use spending lots of time and energy on a project if ultimately you have to hire a contractor to complete the remaining work.

Seasonal Home Improvement

Sometimes, simple maintenance is sufficient to give a new look to your house. Prepare a maintenance checklist before the start of a particular season when you want to improve the beauty of your home. Your spring maintenance checklist can include inspection of roofing for loose, damaged or missing shingles.

Check the air conditioner filter and clean or replace it as required. Wood items including furniture and fixtures should be cleaned and polished. You can use rented equipment to give a power wash to windows and sidings. Hire a professional contractor if you are not sure of doing this work on your own. Remove debris and leaves from downspouts and gutters.

Windows and Doors Improvements

Your home improvement project may be limited to improving the condition of only doors and windows. If you have not carried out any improvement project for these items, it may be time to do it now. Old windows are not energy efficient. You may be facing problems of draft and air leakage. A drafty window reduces the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.

Improve your home interior environment and reduce energy use by replacing your windows. install new windows that are energy efficient. Check doors of your home for any damage. weatherproofing or security issues. Install doors that give you better return on investment. We found that at-home use for 10 to 30 hours restored simultaneous binocular perception in 13 of 14 cases along with significant improvements in acuity and stereopsis.

HVAC and Appliances

Heating and cooling expenses are high for most homeowners. Call an expert technician to give a tune-up to your HVAC system. It will increase the life of the unit and improve its energy efficiency. Take a look at your other appliances like water heater, dryer and washer.

Check kitchen and bathroom appliances. Fixe a small problem in all such appliances before it becomes a major problem. These appliances make your living condition more comfortable and healthy. Ensure all your appliances are in good condition. It ensures you receive optimum performance from these rowing machine.

Trampoline is a great addition in any home. You can use it for kid’s entertainment purpose or your health purpose. Before you start reading this article you can check out another blog which is about trampoline. is a great place to know about trampoline guide and reviews.

Prepare your checklist for home improvement taking into account all these issues. Proper planning helps you avoid problems in your home renovation project. When you have planned all details of the renovation project beforehand, you will receive better service from the renovation contractor.

All You Need To Know About Air Hockey

Air hockey presently is seen as a table game most people have in the basement or in some clubs. At its inception in the 1970's it was quite a huge hit and adopted quickly by the market. The idea behind the game was to come up with a mini version of the hockey game on a friction less surface. The need for friction less surface was to have puck used in the game to almost float around the surface in almost the same manner the real game is played.

It was not until the introduction of arcade games and video games in the late 80’s and early 90’s that the popularity of this game waned. Even then, it has maintained a professional circuit in a number of large cities across the USA and in Europe. It is still a great game to play at home and parties much like a game of pool.

All You Need To Know About Air Hockey

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A brief History

Air Hockey was invented by a group of Brunswick Billiards employees over the period of 1969 to 1972. They were a trio of Brunswick engineers Phil Crossman, Bob Kenrick and Brad Baldwin. After a couple of years in stagnation, Bob Lemieux revived the project with a focus on creating a miniature version of ice hockey. The ideas were to have, a thin disc, two strikers for hitting the disc, and a surface with slit like goals which were equipped with photo detectors. Phil Crossman, Bob Kenrick and Bob Lemieux hold the original patents of the game. The solution for a frictionless surface was found by adopting a table invented for a totally different purpose.

The game was then introduced, marketed and sold to the general public and it proved to be a big hit. By the mid 1970's it had achieved significant interest from different regions and it resulted in the formation of regional associations. The first one of these were the Houston Air Hockey Players Association the Texas Air Hockey Players Association. The regional association helped modify the rules while promoting the sport through local tournaments.

They led to the formation of the national sanctioning body the United States Air-Table Hockey Association (USAA) in 1975. Many of the non-player friendly rules set by the Brunswick Corporation were removed with the national body setting the new rules and ensuring uniform play standards. In 2015 the Air Hockey Players Association (AHPA) was formed to provide additional organization and administration of the sport.

Both USAA and AHPA have been organizing championships since their formation. The USAA has organized USAA world championships since 1978 as well as US championships since 1983. The AHPA has organized it world championships from 2015. Other prominent competition include the European Championships, Texas State Open, Catalan Championships and Russian Open.

Popularity of air hockey is strong in the following cities and states across Europe and the USA. Houston, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Chicago, New York City, Boston in the USA and Barcelona in Spain, St Petersburg and Moscow in Russia, Most and Brno in Czech Republic.

Equipment and Tools

To understand and enjoy playing the game of air hockey, you have to understand the various equipment and parts of the game. Knowing the make-up of each part and its purpose allows you to style your game and skills to gain the most advantage.

The air hockey table comes with a flat smooth surface with small holes evenly spread out through the table surface. A fan placed underneath the table at the center blows air though the holes allowing the puck to float smoothly across the table surface. The blanket of air caused by the blower fan lowers the friction significantly. This is what gives the airy part of the game and name.

The sidewall around the table surface can be used to make bank shots and are used to score goals through the goal box positioned at the end. Depending on the make of the table, the goal box can come with electronic ability to recognize when a puck drops in the box. Other versions come with a manual scoring counter and you keep track of your scores.

The mallet is a circular plastic tool used to strike the puck in making a shot. It is also your defensive device when preventing your opponent’s shots from getting into your goal. Its circular nature allows you to control the direction of the puck when striking. The puck is a small circular disc in the shape of the real hockey game. They are however plastic to make them lighter and allow fast movement across the surface.

How it is played and scoring

Air hockey is an individual sport with two single players facing each other at opposite ends of the table. The players stand at a central position behind the end rail with a mallet held in hand in front of the goal box being protected. There is a center line at the middle of the table demarcating each player's side. Once the puck crosses the centerline to your side you are to defend it from getting in your box while trying to strike it to get to your opponent’s goal.

There is a variety of offensive shots used to score including straight shots, angled shots, bank shots, double shots and more. When playing defense the mallet is held between 8014 inches in front of your goal box and you are allowed to move it much further towards the centerline when playing offense.

The first player to get to 7 total goals wins the game or in case of a timed version the player with the most galls at the end of the set time.

Most games feature a best of seven format. At the start of play a coin toss is used to determine possession and starting sides. The player who wins the toss decides which side to begin on or whether to start with the possession. The one who starts with the puck possession also starts game 3, 5 and 7 while the opponent has start possession for game 2, 4, and 6. Add Promotional Branding to these unique Folding Hockey Puck Shaped Binoculars! The perfect giveaway for hockey games or fundraiser for youth teams!

Fouls and major rules

The player who has been scored against gets possession for the next serve. You can only hand serve the puck after it has entered your goal. You also can only use one mallet at a time when playing and violating this is a foul.

It is also forbidden to top the puck by placing the mallet on top of it at any time when on the playing surface as this constitutes a foul. You have 7 seconds to make a shot and timing of the second begins as soon as the puck gets on your side of the centerline until you make a shot that gets the puck over the centerline. Violating this rule also constitutes to a foul.

You can stand on any side of the table as long as it is within your centerline. You cannot tough the puck by any part of your body or clothes as it will constitute to palming which is a foul. There are timeouts in the game though a player is only entitled to one per game lasting 10 seconds. The time out can only be taken when the puck is in your possession or not in play.

How to Choose Luggage and Other Bags

You're excited to go on vacation, anticipated this much deserves trip for months. However, as you might know, not everything is a walk in the park. Even traveling can have its down sides before you can achieve paradise. Before you can experience the sun, surf, and sun (or, if you're more into skiing, brave the snowy Alps), there will always come a time where you will struggle with - you guessed it - packing.

Luggage, in general, is already heavy enough, yet there's still the constant struggle. You know exactly what we're talking about. Sometimes you might even think: is this trip really worth the hassle of packing? The answer is yes - always yes! Because we’ll help you solve your problems.

5 Tips to Buying Quality Luggage

How to Choose Luggage

1. What do l bring?

First and foremost, figure out where you're going, how long you're staying, and what you plan on doing there. While it's definitely a basic tip, it's also the most important. It doesn't have to do involve writing an extensive and very detailed itinerary. No, all you need to do is to summarize the trip. That may sound a little odd, but hear us out.

If you're staying at a seaside resort for, say, five days, you surely want to bring swimsuits and sunblock. A change of swimsuit is fine, but don't bring your entire bikini and swim trunks collection “just in case. "While it’s advised to always bring extra pairs of anything, there may come a time where you're bringing a little too much of something. In the end, you're going to have a difficult time packing (and panicking], and it's going to drain you of all your energy before you even reached your destination.

If it helps, make sure you have a checklist. Maybe even recheck the items you packed before you zip up your luggage and go. If you find it much too full, you may need a bigger luggage. Otherwise, you may want to check out the contents of your luggage - which brings us to our next problem.

2. The luggage is too heavy

Again, only bring the necessities. You may be staying somewhere for only five days, but you packed a months’ worth of underwear as well as two winter coats (when it‘s not even winter). In relation to the first bullet, bringing unnecessary items along will keep you in line, and will even cost you money when you go over the airport's luggage weight limit. Hand-carrying items is somewhat of a hassle as well, especially if you decided to hand-carry items that won't fit in your already brimming luggage.

However, if the contents of the luggage aren't the problem, maybe you should buy a better luggage – one that suits you. Don't bring three sets of hard-covered luggage if you plan on backpacking through Asia or Europe. Not only will they weigh you down, you will also end up wasting more time at airport security and baggage check-ins instead of enjoying the rest of your trip with no hassle or delay.

3. What about passing airport security?

Like mentioned before, always check and recheck the contents of your luggage. You may be held up in airport security it you brought an item that they may consider a weapon, or what seems like a weapon. As much as possible, don’t bring too many metal items. Example: what would you do with a pair of scissors even blunt ones for children - during the trip? They will most likely ask you to leave the item behind. They will also be strict with flammable items such as lighters.

However harmless you may think any of the contents of your luggage may be, the airport has rules and guideline that you must strictly comply. This is to ensure the safety of their passengers, including yourself. So, to put it simply, if you want to breeze through airport security, don't bring items that you think may hold you back. If you're not sure, you should probably just leave it behind.

4. How much souvenirs can I bring home?

As much as you can carry, and as much as you're willing to pay for. No, we're not talking about simply paying for the souvenirs you bought. We're talking about how much you're willing to pay for in order to bring aforementioned souvenirs home. Let's face it - you want to buy everything, and maybe you probably would. You head back to your hotel room, pack, and realize you bought way too much. It's not uncommon, really. Most people make sure they minimize their souvenir purchases.

However, other people may buy another extra set of luggage solely for the purpose of bringing more souvenirs home. While a hassle, it's a good game plan. In lieu of that, you have to think about paying more for exceeding the weight limit. It's good to note that you should probably contact, preferably via call, the airport beforehand - probably a few days before your flight - to tell them about that little weight problem. This not only saves you more time, but it also cuts down the cost.

5. What happens to lost luggage?

Don't you just hate it when this happens? You watch all the bags arrive and spin around the conveyor belt, but yours doesn't come out. This is after you tied a red ribbon around the handle, or wrapped it in tape in blinding neon colors, and watched like a hawk during the first twenty spins of the conveyor belt. Despite dreading it, you know the answer as to why your luggage is nowhere to be found.

The airport lost it

This is where your handy baggage claim tickets come in. Keep in mind that they are just as important as your lost luggage, so don't lose it. Make sure you didn't pack anything important in your luggage such as your messenger devices - cellphones, tablets, and the likes. Those should be kept in your hand-carry bags. Airports should always have a baggage claim area, and you will be asked to fill in a form.

Not to worry. Most luggage are usually claimed within a few days. Your luggage was probably just delayed or placed in the wrong flight. However, if you never receive it, you can file a claim for damages. it's a hassle, but you may need to list down the contents of your lost luggage. The airport will pay for damages, but not to the collective amount of the contents. So, as stated in the first bullet, make sure not to pack any suspicious items in your bag that may confuse security checks. Make sure to also have your name, address, and contact information tucked inside your bag in case the tag gets ripped off.

How to Buy a Humidifier – Ultimate Buying Guide

The amount of moisture in the air is known as humidity. If the level is not just right at between 25-40%, adverse effects will be suffered. Low humidity occurs in dry and hot desert climates as well as artificially heated rooms. It will cause exacerbation of allergies and destruction of art, furniture, and books. Higher than appropriate humidity will cause prevalence of dust mites and mold.

It is easy to tell whether the air is too humid if it feels dense and the curtains are slightly damp. However, to get exact measurements, a hygrometer comes in play. A humidifier is a device that releases moisture in the air. A humidifier can be a friend or foe depending on use and maintenance.

How to Buy a Humidifier

Important Questions


How big is the space you want to humidify? Are you looking to keep the whole house humid, a few rooms or just one room at a time? These questions will help you to know whether you should get a tabletop, console or a central humidifier.

Warm or cool?

Humidifiers can either be warm or cool mist. The ultrasonic comes with both settings. The warm mist humidifier boils the water before releasing it into the air as vapor or steam. For this reason, it has the advantage of killing germs that may have been breeding in the water. This type of humidifier is also less noisy as it does not need fans and fast rotating discs.

The cool mist humidifier uses discs to turn the water into mist, which it releases into the room. This kind does not run a huge electricity bill unlike the former. This humidifier can be placed in a room where children and toys run around freely without running the risk of burns. Whichever one you choose should be the best suited to your needs.

How much?

This is the significant point. It is okay to dream but always comes back to reality and consider what you can afford. There is something for everyone.

How often?

Will you use it every day? Will you only have it on every other day? For how long will it be on? This will determine the frequency at which the water will be replaced. If the humidifier is for everyday use, the water will need to be replaced at least twice a week. It will also require a good cleaning to keep it from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. In this case, the best humidifier will be the one that is easiest to take apart. In this respect, you should consider the tank size and moisture output capacity of the humidifier.


Some humidifiers come with built-in humidistats, which monitor the level of humidity in the room. Once it gets too high, they shut off immediately. Instead of the budget, you can opt to get a separate a hygrometer. Either way, you need a way to measure the humidity in your home.


How will you know the water has been in there too long? How will you tell the filters to need to be replaced? How will you know it is time to clean it? Some humidifiers come with indicators that notify the user of their needs. Therefore, if you are the kind to forget when to do the above, this should be a point of consideration. Now That You Have Answered Those Questions...

Tabletop and evaporators

These are small portable humidifiers, which are usually very aesthetically pleasing. These come in beautiful shapes and designs that fit in with the home decor. They are best for everyday use as they come with easily removable water tanks. Most brands are very affordable. They have simple functionality with the use of filters and fans.


This type of humidifier can be for a single room, multiple rooms or the entire house. They come in interesting and creative forms and can almost pass as furniture. These can be impeller humidifiers. Impeller humidifiers use rotating discs and come with only the cool mist setting.

Central Humidifier

This humidifier is built into the heating and cooling system of the house. It serves the entire building. The water does not need to be replaced as it refills from the building’s water system.


This is the iPhone 8 plus of humidifiers. It is sleek. It is modern. It comes with both warm and cool mist settings. It uses vibrations and is very quiet.

Once You Have Your Humidifier

Manual is not decorative

Always read the manual. The manual holds information that could be the difference between allergy flare-ups and a comfortable appropriately humid home. In the manual, are care instructions and operation directions.

Keep It Clean

The humidifier will not stay clean just because it holds water. If the water sits in there for too long, a film forms on the surface on which bacteria breeds and seeps into the air you breathe. The manual will often advise you to clean the humidifier with hydrogen peroxide and bleach. This is especially important in the fight against bacteria. Cleaning should depend on the frequency of use.

Tap water

Unrefined tap water causes white mineral dust to settle in the air. This, if breathed in over a period, is incredibly harmful. To solve this problem, either use distilled or purified water or get a demineralization cartridge integrated into the humidifier. That is if it is not pre-installed.


The console and tabletop humidifiers need to be correctly placed for maximum benefit. Tale tops need to be on raised surfaces. Both types should be at least 12 inches away from the wall. Books and other items capable of absorbing moisture should be kept away from humidifiers, so they do not get damp.
Some nitty gritty to think about are adjustable speeds, UV Germicidal lights to kill germs in the mist before releasing and air cleaning pre-filter to clean the inbound air.

Humidifiers are an excellent addition to the home. Not only are humidifiers good for your health, but they are also good for the plants and pets. Humidifiers are not harmful to babies, contrary to popular belief. Using a humidifier will keep the skin looking healthy and vibrant but will not get rid of wrinkles.

How to Choose the Best Binoculars for Hunting

For a hunter, choosing binoculars can be as weighty a decision as choosing a rifle. It’s well worth taking the time to understand the features to make sure you make the right decision for you. As a hunter, your needs are different to the stargazer or bird watcher. You need binoculars that are designed for hunters, and chosen with your specific needs in mind. The best binoculars will be a lifetime investment and can greatly increase your chances of success. Use this guide to choose the best pair for your needs and budget.

How to Choose the Best Binoculars for Hunting

Magnification and Field of View

The first thing to consider when buying binoculars is the magnification or “power.” Simply put, how close does the object look through the lens compared with the naked eye. For 8x power, the object will look 8 time closer. For 1ox power, 10 times closer, and so on. It’s easy to assume that “the bigger the better” applies here, but that's not always the case. A greater magnification can mean you sacrifice steadiness, brightness and field of view (the width of the image that you see). This can be a crucial choice depending on whether you spend your time scanning terrain, tracking moving animals or observing from a distance.

What are your specific needs? Consider the terrain you're hunting in. For forest areas and agricultural fields, a low magnification and wider field of view may provide better visibility. For open spaces or mountainous areas, you are more likely to be viewing game at a distance, so a larger magnification (1ox or 12x) may be necessary. If this is the case, consider a tripod to improve steadiness.

Objective Lens Size

The second thing to think about is the objective lens size. As a hunter, you're often out at dawn and dusk, in low light. This is where objective lens size becomes important, as it’s all about how much light gets into the lens. A general rule of thumb is the larger the diameter of the lens, the brighter the image. A full-size lens is 42mm, and a compact 26mm or even 22mm. Generally, the higher the number, the more expensive and heavier the lens.

You will need to consider your budget, but also the practicalities of carrying the binoculars. If you're hunting from a hide with a tripod, the weight of your binoculars is probably less of a consideration than if you're tracking on foot. For a good compromise, you may consider a mid-size version that is easy on the neck and arms, while still providing plenty of light. Terrain is also an important consideration here. For forests and low light areas, a larger diameter lens is a must.

Durability and Design

The third consideration is durability. As with any outdoors equipment, you're looking for something that will perform in unpredictable weather conditions, and withstand the odd collision with the ground. Look for a tough rubber exterior to withstand any knocks or scrapes. Sealed binoculars will make sure no moisture gets into the lens, and this will keep dust out as well. Fog proof binoculars are essential if you're often in extreme weather. They are filled with argon or nitrogen gas which inhibits internal fogging. Rangefinder binoculars are becoming more and more commonplace, especially out on shooting ranges.

Eye Relief

If you wear glasses, you will need to check the eye relief features on your binoculars. The eye relief specification will tell you how far your eye can be from the equipment while still getting the full field of vision. Generally, the larger the magnification, the shorter the eye relief. If you wear glasses, you will be looking for a longer eye-relief as your glasses create distance from the ocular lens.

Eye-cups are related to eye relief as they help you maintain the distance between the ocular lenses and the eye, but have the added benefit of keeping out extra light. For hunting, they also minimize distraction as they cut out peripheral vision. They are usually made from rubber and can be adjusted as needed. The best brands feature “click stops” with eye relief distance for each click marked on the cup, which allows you to find the perfect eye relief distance for you.

While the adage you get what you pay for” is certainly true for binoculars, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get the right pair for your needs. It’s all about the best combination of performance and value. Which pair is right for you?