How to Buy and Wear Lingerie Like a Confident Woman

Women lingerie is undeniably beautiful, yet it can also be downright puzzling. For some, the experience of trying lingerie is like taking the world of undergarments to unfamiliar territories. Consider corsets, chemises, Basques, negligee, and petti pants. They are anything but ordinary underwear and slipping into one requires complete confidence.

So, whether you're planning on wearing lingerie for the first time or have it already included in your wardrobe, it’s important for you to attain the highest level of confidence in order to spot your perfect fit. This post lets you in on the dos and don’ts of this flimsy clothing category to give you the assurance you need.

How to Buy and Wear Lingerie Like a Confident Woman

Get the right fit

When wearing lingerie, the best fit is the most important factor. The right style and size will complement your body to its fullest while small or unsupported undergarments will only make you feel awkward. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to your size so as to know the lingerie you need to buy.

It might seem surprising to know that 80 percent of women wear the wrong size of bra. So ask yourself, when was the last time I was fitted for one? It’s also essential to recognize that small changes in your body can affect the size of your bra. The average woman’s bra changes six times in her lifetime.

Experts recommend that you re-fit your size after every significant weight change, for example after surgery, pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations, and exercise routines.

Let an expert fit you

The ultimate secret to getting a perfect fit is visiting your local independent lingerie boutique for fitting. Unlike retail chains and department stores, independent lingerie boutiques will allow you to try out your choices and seek firsthand advice from fit specialists. While at it, you need to avoid being too obsessed with your size. Women lingerie as a whole is about finding the right style that looks great on you.

Don't worry about your measured size. Numbers have no meaning unless you give them the power to affect you. Simply wear what feels pleasant on you, and it will definitely look best.

Embrace your size

Even though you should not be obsessed with size, it’s essential to embrace the size that you are. Nowadays, it’s easy to succumb to the pressures trumpeted by the media and fashion magazines. Avoid ascribing to such pressures as there is no one-size-fits-all view.

Looking up to trends does not only erode your confidence, it can also significantly cripple your self-worth. Hence, instead of worshipping other sizes, embrace yours and use it as a roadmap. Studies show that women are more self-critical when it comes to body types than men. But the truth is, people are more attracted to attitude and positive energy than body size

Let your style speak for you

Women lingerie is not just about thigh-high stockings and garters - it’s a way of expressing your sensual side, which is often different to every woman. So, wear what your inner self wants you to wear, as long as it’s comfortable and makes you confident. If your style deviates from the ultra-feminine, try a tank top and a boy short.

Sleepwear and shape wear also come in various super sexy styles that help mold your body shape into a classic figure. Regardless of your taste, remember your size. The most important thing about feeling sexy isn't what you're wearing but rather how it makes you feel.

Don't just wear it for yourself, wear it for others

Many women view Lingerie just as a bedroom accessory, but that isn't true. It needs to be appreciated like every other clothing because it makes you feel amazing. By all means, share yours with your partner but don’t forget to wear it alone when you want to feel fabulous.

Sometimes, it may seem easy to dismiss lingerie, especially when you do not have someone to share it with. However, wearing beautiful undergarments reinforces a positive perception of yourself. Even if you are single, wearing lingerie can help you express your sensuality and individuality.

Invest in quality

The technical aspects of women lingerie boils down to proper fit, style, and quality fabric. Well-hon lingerie is a product of science and engineering and fulfills the purposes it was intended for. Therefore, quality fabric should be viewed as a crucial factor when selecting and buying desired pieces.

Different lingerie pieces are made from different fabrics like silk and lace, with unique designs and special embellishments. Many lingerie designers prefer lace because of its beauty, intricacy, and timelessness. You can find lace garments woven from silk, cotton, and even synthetic thread.

Another favorite fabric is Satin. It’s taut yet soft, with a glossy sheen. Others include embroidery, contour, guipure, mesh, fiver fill, sheer, spacer, and tulle. Next time you shop for lingerie, look for the best fabrics by judging their quality.

Build your lingerie collection from the ground up

If you are trying women lingerie for the first time, begin by investing in nice-looking and great-fitting sets to build your wardrobe. Rather than going for just a single bra, go for a whole set. Try a plunge bra, T-shirt bra or even an unlined laced dime. These are useful and dependable, so to speak, so ensure that they are part of your collection.

Otherwise, you can invest in quality staple pieces and then progress from there. For example, a seamless brain nude and black will benefit any woman. Once you you've got a hold of several pieces, experiment by pairing them with a garter belt or a cheeky knicker.

If you are already an advanced lingerie lover, aim for the wow factor. Nothing is comparable to buying a super-sleek body suit, an over-the-top set, or a cheeky ouverte panties that you've admired and simply want to have. It doesn’t have to cost $500, just something unexpected and over-the-top.

Don't go after the three-piece garter set at first. Rather, start slow and learn your tastes and level of comfort.

You don’t have to be a model to look beautiful in lingerie. Any woman can do it and feel good about it. Thus, whether you're a concerned beginner or a seasoned hand in all things silky, it’s all about adopting the best practices. Remember, wearing lingerie is not something only intended to entice your partner, but rather an individual expression of love and self-care.

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