How to Choose Luggage and Other Bags

You're excited to go on vacation, anticipated this much deserves trip for months. However, as you might know, not everything is a walk in the park. Even traveling can have its down sides before you can achieve paradise. Before you can experience the sun, surf, and sun (or, if you're more into skiing, brave the snowy Alps), there will always come a time where you will struggle with - you guessed it - packing.

Luggage, in general, is already heavy enough, yet there's still the constant struggle. You know exactly what we're talking about. Sometimes you might even think: is this trip really worth the hassle of packing? The answer is yes - always yes! Because we’ll help you solve your problems.

5 Tips to Buying Quality Luggage

How to Choose Luggage

1. What do l bring?

First and foremost, figure out where you're going, how long you're staying, and what you plan on doing there. While it's definitely a basic tip, it's also the most important. It doesn't have to do involve writing an extensive and very detailed itinerary. No, all you need to do is to summarize the trip. That may sound a little odd, but hear us out.

If you're staying at a seaside resort for, say, five days, you surely want to bring swimsuits and sunblock. A change of swimsuit is fine, but don't bring your entire bikini and swim trunks collection “just in case. "While it’s advised to always bring extra pairs of anything, there may come a time where you're bringing a little too much of something. In the end, you're going to have a difficult time packing (and panicking], and it's going to drain you of all your energy before you even reached your destination.

If it helps, make sure you have a checklist. Maybe even recheck the items you packed before you zip up your luggage and go. If you find it much too full, you may need a bigger luggage. Otherwise, you may want to check out the contents of your luggage - which brings us to our next problem.

2. The luggage is too heavy

Again, only bring the necessities. You may be staying somewhere for only five days, but you packed a months’ worth of underwear as well as two winter coats (when it‘s not even winter). In relation to the first bullet, bringing unnecessary items along will keep you in line, and will even cost you money when you go over the airport's luggage weight limit. Hand-carrying items is somewhat of a hassle as well, especially if you decided to hand-carry items that won't fit in your already brimming luggage.

However, if the contents of the luggage aren't the problem, maybe you should buy a better luggage – one that suits you. Don't bring three sets of hard-covered luggage if you plan on backpacking through Asia or Europe. Not only will they weigh you down, you will also end up wasting more time at airport security and baggage check-ins instead of enjoying the rest of your trip with no hassle or delay.

3. What about passing airport security?

Like mentioned before, always check and recheck the contents of your luggage. You may be held up in airport security it you brought an item that they may consider a weapon, or what seems like a weapon. As much as possible, don’t bring too many metal items. Example: what would you do with a pair of scissors even blunt ones for children - during the trip? They will most likely ask you to leave the item behind. They will also be strict with flammable items such as lighters.

However harmless you may think any of the contents of your luggage may be, the airport has rules and guideline that you must strictly comply. This is to ensure the safety of their passengers, including yourself. So, to put it simply, if you want to breeze through airport security, don't bring items that you think may hold you back. If you're not sure, you should probably just leave it behind.

4. How much souvenirs can I bring home?

As much as you can carry, and as much as you're willing to pay for. No, we're not talking about simply paying for the souvenirs you bought. We're talking about how much you're willing to pay for in order to bring aforementioned souvenirs home. Let's face it - you want to buy everything, and maybe you probably would. You head back to your hotel room, pack, and realize you bought way too much. It's not uncommon, really. Most people make sure they minimize their souvenir purchases.

However, other people may buy another extra set of luggage solely for the purpose of bringing more souvenirs home. While a hassle, it's a good game plan. In lieu of that, you have to think about paying more for exceeding the weight limit. It's good to note that you should probably contact, preferably via call, the airport beforehand - probably a few days before your flight - to tell them about that little weight problem. This not only saves you more time, but it also cuts down the cost.

5. What happens to lost luggage?

Don't you just hate it when this happens? You watch all the bags arrive and spin around the conveyor belt, but yours doesn't come out. This is after you tied a red ribbon around the handle, or wrapped it in tape in blinding neon colors, and watched like a hawk during the first twenty spins of the conveyor belt. Despite dreading it, you know the answer as to why your luggage is nowhere to be found.

The airport lost it

This is where your handy baggage claim tickets come in. Keep in mind that they are just as important as your lost luggage, so don't lose it. Make sure you didn't pack anything important in your luggage such as your messenger devices - cellphones, tablets, and the likes. Those should be kept in your hand-carry bags. Airports should always have a baggage claim area, and you will be asked to fill in a form.

Not to worry. Most luggage are usually claimed within a few days. Your luggage was probably just delayed or placed in the wrong flight. However, if you never receive it, you can file a claim for damages. it's a hassle, but you may need to list down the contents of your lost luggage. The airport will pay for damages, but not to the collective amount of the contents. So, as stated in the first bullet, make sure not to pack any suspicious items in your bag that may confuse security checks. Make sure to also have your name, address, and contact information tucked inside your bag in case the tag gets ripped off.

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