Stacy Adam's Shoes Review In 2017

There are many things you need to take into consideration when choosing the right pair of shoes for you. Men's shoes are especially difficult because of how many different functions the shoes must take. Are you looking for a casual shoe or a dress shoe, or do you want something that can be versatile and match any outfit? The following review focuses on one popular brand of men's shoes and the different features of each collection. Factors like the type of fit, quality of materials and comfort of design are all important considerations I looked at when writing this

Introduction to Stacy Adams shoes

The focus of this review is the well-established Stacy Adams Shoe Company in Brockton. This company has been making great quality shoes for men of all ages since 1875. Founded in Massachusetts by William Stacy and Henry Adams, this shoe company is known for high quality and a unique style of footwear that keeps up with current fashions but also lets the man wearing them express his own unique style. The shoes may look modern, but each one also has some unique quality that is reminiscent of ages gone by. Stacy Adams shoes can only be described as timeless and their versatility and quality is a testament to how long this company has been in business. The following lists 7 of the highest rated Stacy Adam's shoes and boots on the market today.

Stacy Adams Men's Madison Cap Toe Boot

One of the nice features on the Madison Cap Toe Boot is the beautiful polished kid leather that gives the boot a high-end classic look.

You will really appreciate this feature because it retains the shiny new look with a minimal amount of effort. Another great feature is the sole on the boot which is made of hard leather which is durable and comfortable.

You will really appreciate the make of the sole when you start walking on the pavement with it, as it is designed for the maximum comfort for your foot.

The heels on these boots are the perfect height to make walking comfortable but give the boot an attractive look when worn for different occasions.


  • Stylish design that gives these boots a classic look
  • Shiny kid leather keeps looking like new with minimal care
  • ​Soles and heels are made with durable leather that is comfortable to wear
  • ​Size is true to most shoe sizes when purchasing them online
  • ​Comfortable to wear right out of the box


  • Expensive for the quality of material
  • Creak for a while until they are worn in
  • Creases form in unlikely places which blemish the overall look
  • ​Leather is very shiny and leans toward a plastic work
  • ​Eyelets have a tendency to fall off after little use

Stacy Adams Men's Garrison Wingtip Oxford

One of the great features of the Wingtip is how comfortable they are for any foot type. The quality construction of the shoe can mold to feet that are wide and flat, or narrow and high-arched.

The cushioned insole of the Wingtip also gives extra arch support for times when you re spending hours on your feet. You will enjoy this feature once you wear them for a little while because there won't be any of those blisters that usually come with breaking in new shoes.

Another great feature is the stylish curve of this shoe. You will really like the long toe and clean lines which give these a traditional wingtip look and the two-tone model are really classic looking.


  • Fits different size of feet well and is comfortable immediately
  • The classic look is stylish and versatile enough to wear for different formal occasions
  • Many styles to choose from including two-tone
  • ​Look expensive for a low price
  • ​Great arch support if you are on your feet for long periods of time


  • Exterior is not made of real leather; it is only on the inside of the shoe
  • Need a lot of continence to keep them looking new
  • The material can appear cheap and feel stiff because it is not real leather
  • ​The colors online aren't exactly as shown when you receive the shoe

Stacy Adams Men's Dickinson Cap-Toe Oxford

One feature on the Cap-Toe Oxford you will appreciate is the memory foam insole that makes every step perfectly comfortable.

It is so important if you need to be on feet for hours at a time or walk some distance to get to an important meeting. The Cap-Toe Oxford has a contrasting sole that makes the shoe look very attractive and more expensive than the actual price.

One recommendation to take into consideration when buying this shoe is to get a larger size than normal as they fit small.


  • Great looking shoe with cap-toe and invisible eyelets. The hand stitching across the shoe gives it a classic look
  • The memory foam insole makes them comfortable the minute you put them on
  • Rubber soles are nice looking and make the shoe comfortable to stand in or walk in for long periods
  • ​The colors available are all classic looking and versatile enough to be worn for formal or semi-formal occasions


  • Color aren't always as they appear on-line and can be disappointing when you receive them
  • The material has an odor that takes a few days to air out
  • Recommendation is to order ½ a size bigger than you usually wear otherwise they will be too snug
  • ​The shoes don't age well and crease quickly with use
  • They need a lot of maintenance to keep them looking new

Stacy Adams Men's Atwell Oxford

One of the great features of the Oxford is the real leather exterior that makes these shoes look expensive and elegant. You will especially like the different colors these shoes are available in including cognac. The Atwell Oxford shoes are stylish and versatile enough to wear for any occasion whether at a casual get-together or a formal business meeting. It is recommended to try these shoes on at a retailer to find the size that is right for you, but if that is not possible, then to order a smaller size than you would normally wear.


  • Real leather exterior really makes these shoes look and feel high quality and more expensive they really are
  • Available in colors that match any outfit
  • Stylish look is timeless
  • ​The stitching on this shoe makes them look sharp and elegant


  • They take a while to break in and can cause blisters until they mold to the foot
  • The quality of the shoe is low and they are prone to coming apart at the toe
  • The color is not exactly as shown on the website
  • ​The require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking new
  • They have a tendency to rip at the seams after only a few wears

Stacy Adams Men's Santana Tassel Loafer

A really nice feature on the Tassel Loafer is the unique animal print that dresses up the middle part of the shoe. You will love this feature because it makes these particular shoes look dressier than you would normally expect in a tassel loafer. The slip-on feature of the shoe makes them easy to take on and off without all of the bending associated with undoing shoelaces or zippers. The real leather finish is glossy and classy looking and the authentic snakeskin and crocodile print exterior goes with any outfit.


  • Shiny leather look with exterior animal print makes these shoes look like authentic snake-skin shoes
  • Cushiony insole makes these shoes comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • The slip-on characteristics makes them easy to get on and off
  • ​Shoes are versatile enough in look to wear casually or for formal occasions
  • Stylish timeless look in a range of sleek looking colors


  • You need to order a size or half a size smaller than you normally wear so they don't fall off
  • The shoes take a little while to break in, feeling stiff when first worn
  • The exterior texture can look a bit cheap and plastic-like
  • ​They are not flexible enough for wider feet as they have a narrow fit

Stacy Adams Men's Dayton Wing-Tip Oxford

The best feature on the Dayton Wing-Tips is the two-toned black and white design of the exterior leather. These shoes are a blast from the past with the classic jazzy look generally associated with true wing-tips. If you are searching for something a small with a little more subtlety but still sharp looking then these shoes also come in solid black. The leather outer sole and cushiony in-sole make these shoes not just stylish but extremely comfortable to wear for a night out on the town or a business dinner.


  • Very nice looking stylish pair of shoes that can be worn casually or for formal occasions
  • Cushiony in-soles make them very comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Leather outer sole is durable and gives the shoes extra bounce for comfort
  • ​Leather looks authentic and doesn't have a plastic look like some shiny leather shoes


  • Take a long time to break in and lean towards creases after a few wears
  • The white leather loses its luster and can turn to an off-white which is not as attractive
  • These will get easily scuffed which ruins the look
  • ​Need a lot of maintenance to keep the leather always looking sleek and new
  • Real leather doesn't match the matte finish shown in pictures on the website

Men's Templin Bicycle-Toe Slip-On

One of the nicest features on the Templin is the sleek detailed look to the shoe that comes from the simple design. These shoes are formed of real leather and look expensive and classic, but the long bicycle-toe make them look more modern than other shoes of this type. Another great feature of this shoe is the leather lining that makes the shoe feel airy and prevents the foot from getting too hot when worn for a while.


  • Require very little to break-in the shoes and are comfortable almost immediately
  • Slip-on feature makes these quick and easy to put on and off, even without a shoe horn
  • True leather upper makes these shoes look high quality and expensive
  • ​Leather lining is comfortable and long lasting
  • The stitching is eye-catching and trendy


  • Toe is too long in the front making them look off-balance for some feet
  • The leather is shiny and tends to look a little plastic
  • You required ordering a small size than normal because they are made big and can slip off
  • ​The leather can be stiff and uncomfortable for particular types of feet
  • Will wear out quickly if worn on a regular basis and the heel tends to separate from the sole
  • Needs regular maintenance to keep them looking new

Things to consider before buying the right Stacy Adams' shoes for you


What the shoe is made with really comes down to what you are using it for. A casual deck shoe that you might be wearing when boating will likely not be done with high-quality leather in case it gets wet. The dress shoe that is meant for formal functions and business meetings will probably not be made of canvas. Your budget will also has a big role in the type of material your shoe is made of. The highest quality leather will come with a heftier price tag than synthetics but will last longer and look better.


Your comfort is the top priority when buying a new pair of shoes. Regardless of how good a pair of shoes looks, if they aren't comfortable then you will probably not wear them for long and they will sit at the back of your closet. You are a good judge of which type of shoe you prefer, whether they are slip-on or lace-ups, so trust your experiences when buying the best shoes for you. If you are purchasing a pair of shoes on-line, it may also be a good idea to try them on in a store that carries the exact one you want so you don't end up being disappointed.


If you are used to polishing and weatherproofing your shoes on a regular basis, then you are probably used to spending a little more on a high maintenance pair of shoes. You will likely not be bothered by the amount of work you will need to do to keep them looking shiny and new. If you want a pair of shoes that requires very little care beyond the first polish, then that is a consideration you will want to think about when buying a new pair.


Budget is important when it comes to shoes can be a hard thing to do, especially when you love the look of one in particular. Most brands will carry different price levels in shoes with similar features, but one or two differences that justify the difference. Most brands understand that their customers want the same quality shoes but that some are more budget-conscious than others.

Other considerations


Unless you are choosing the shoe to only go with a particular look, choose a color shoe which is versatile enough to be worn for different occasions.


The size you see on-line may differ in the fit of your regular size, so see if you can try the shoe on at a retailer before ordering. You can also ask questions online or by phone to see if a particular brand fits more snugly than others.


You might find that customers who have purchased the same shoe are happy with the quality and fit, but might have some tips on maintenance of the shoe. You may also find that every customer who purchased the shoe had the same problem with it. Reading reviews will give you an idea of whether you are making the right choice.

The Final Verdict

The clear winner of the Stacy Adam's shoes review is the Men's Dayton Wing-Tip Oxford shoe because of the style and quality of the shoe. These shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day and into the night because of the cushiony insole. The quality of the leather means that the shoe will be flexible enough to mold to the foot and won't cause discomfort in the form of blisters like some other shoes do. As long as they are sustained, they will keep their sleek and classic look, whether you are passing out for brunch with friends or stepping out to a dinner meeting. The Stacy Adam's seal of quality is stitched all over these unique stylish shoes and the quality guarantees that all eyes will be on your feet when you wear them out.


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